Fictional Character

There’re time when i enter my own realm, my usual life of come up a story or maybe brainstorm for a new idea, well sometime it might end up just a day dream in a result of nothing but somehow there’s is someone performed the task for me. You can imagine that was somebody who brave enough to take the first step for you to play on your stage. Well for me, she can dance and venture through any place i design for her; became a hero that save my world, a mother survived in the harsh society for her love daughter, wore any kind of mask to cope with my story.

I also entrusted my feeling to her as she felt it when i dishonest to my self, when over all the stake of beeing forgotten she would tear away my poker face and pat on my face. Sometime when i push my self for too far until things start to feel apart, i felt her sadness, unwillings to carry on, she left me till i found my self again. Her feelings in which i need to ask for another chance for her to stay by my side, a forgiveness for her drop of tear, a remembered to never lose my self easily.

If someone as fine as her took the first step and action for us, why not we learnt something from her instead; perhaps become a braver person, have a courage to stand up again, feel more instead of thinking too much. Don’t felt guilty for her greatness you created on her but exist as her light, shone on her, share her shadow and learn her touch, make a better place for her to wonder.

As she was a fictional character of us.

Copyright ©- Davis Cheng



“Cheers! “With everyone raising their pints up, Jun congratulated his childhood friend who was getting married that day. There was nothing more precious than to be a witness for this happy moment of life except something was preventing him from being able to laugh out loud. His friend noticed his hidden emotion behind his masked face. Thus, he asked how his friend’s dad health condition was after being admitted to hospital a few days ago and told him everything would be alright as his dad was a strong willed person.  He also told his friend if that day would come, we had no choice but to accept it as this was how life should be.

Being settled down a little after listening to his friend and released from the tension until a phone call from his sister telling him that dad was again sent to the hospital a while ago. He straight rushed to the hospital in the middle of the wedding ceremony.
Like every teenager, after graduating from the high school, he continued his study in the capital city far away from his hometown, only going back in between during his school break. After graduating from the university and working for a company in the city he barely had any chance to visit his family, and it’s done by talking through phone occasionally. Slowly forgotten time passed and at the mercy of ages, his dad’s health started to deteriorate. Like most parents, which wouldn’t want any bad news to be worried by their children; would hide their condition until the worst happened.
Jun’s sister knew that even it was against his dad’s will but his brother needed to know the situation before anything was too late. Jun hurried put down all his work and went back to his hometown. His dad had been admitted to hospital but his condition was still under controlled and had happened for few times with each time his condition had worsened.
Jun arrived in the hospital and it had to come to this moment. After diagnosed by the doctor and given them suggestion as their father condition was crucial and nothing could be done. It was just a matter of time the patient would reach the end of his life. They had been told that drugs could help to sustain his life but it won’t last long and the process would make the patient suffer from the effect of drugs. Another option was to stop using the drugs and let the patient pass away naturally.
Two ways led to the same ending, his mind went blank alone at the corner of the corridor. Other family members and some relatives arrived and after knowing the news, they split into 2 groups. With one agreeing with one option and another other option told by the doctor and an argument broke out. Some of them did not show any concern other than themselves; some were just paying a quick visit and rushing back as their children were nagging to get out of there.
Jun went inside his father room with his mom sitting beside, he looked upon his father’s face and realized he never did so and became aware of the sign of age had taken place with the white hair and wrinkles. He regretted that he did not have a proper conversation and hang out together for so long when he had the chance.  A short while, someone knocked on the door and a man about his age but not known to him claimed himself was a friend of his dad and he just reached this town after knowing the news.  After a proper introduction, he called himself Yun, he came to the bedside and greeted Jun’s dad. Jun’s dad saw him and reached out his hand towards him signing something that he wished to tell Yun. For a brief moment of ear whispering his dad fell asleep with a smile on his face in a deep slumber eternally.
Doctor certified the patient’s death; Jun then went out of the room and sat on a bench like a lost soul until a voice calling his nickname telling him to stand up and be strong. It was from Yun. A few days later, the funeral took place. He settled down and regained his rational thus curious what were his dad last words. He asked Yun and he replied him with a smile and suggested that since it would be his last day in this town he would like to take a walk around the town before heading to the train station. With Jun following behind, Yun first took him to the riverside. When they reached, Yun realized that he should have brought along a fishing rod to try his luck as the weather was good that morning. There, they saw a young man gazing at the river, day dreaming like facing a thousand troubles. Yun without any hesitation tapped on his shoulder and asked what troubled him. He replied a sudden sadness stroked on him a few days ago but did not know the reason for this impeccable feeling. Yun cheered him up and he felt comforted by chatting with each other like old friends.
They continued their walk on the street and they saw a huge commotion happening that was caused by a man proposing to his love and succeeded in the process.  Yun walked toward the man and congratulated him by offering a handshake. The man replied his kindness but instead of saying thank you; he asked had they met before?  But their conversation was soon interrupted by the crowd. Then they both stopped by at a coffee shop nearby and ordered some drinks. Jun got impatient and asked him whether now he could tell him his dad’s last words and who he really was.
Yun told him that his dad was a kind hearted person; the incident had happened on a stormy day. The rain was so heavy, every droplet was like a bullet striking on his body that punched a severe hole through him and Jun’s father happened to walk by took him home and saved him. About the last words, he told Jun that his dad had left a letter to him in his study room. But hopefully, before he rushed back to read the letter, he could accompany him to the train station.  Jun agreed and along the way, they passed by a school and all the children rushed out to go home. Yun was hit by a running kid and fell down on the ground; he helped the kid up in return the kid was staring at him speechlessly.
Finally, they reached the destination, they said farewell and appreciated each other. Just before heading back, Yun told him to take care on his way as a storm was coming and was almost the same as that day he was saved. Jun rushed home and the rain started pouring down along with the howling wind which blew everything to the sky.  Jun halted by the rain and got himself to shelter at the nearest bus stop. He was amazed to see the three persons he met with Yun just now were at the bus stop. He was the young man at the riverside; the man who proposed on the street and the little kid which bumped into Yun. Three of them looked at Jun. The little kid asked Jun ‘’ Big bro are you in a hurry?” at the same time he handed his cap to Jun. The other man covered his shoulder with a rain coat and the last man gave  his umbrella to Jun which triggered a nostalgic feeling that he ever had a long time ago.
Jun continued his way back but the condition did not subside; the wind even pulled his umbrella and cap away. Hardly able to move forward; his feet felt heavy as the wind was opposing him. With his blurry vision, he saw two rays of light from a car heading fast towards him and it seemed like losing control but he was unable to react quickly. Just before he was hit by the car, a tree from the roadside fell down and shielded him.
Someone voice whispering in his ear telling him to let’s go together. Feeling determined Jun moved ahead and soon thousands of leaves tailing him becoming his umbrella blocked away all the rain droplets, roots coming up underground turning into a living walking stick. With every step taken the stick would grab the road and holding Jun’s hand tightly and birds were leading his way cutting the wind in front of him.
Jun reached home and straight dashed into his dad’s study room and there’s a letter for him as been told but only a sentence left for him  “ Jun’s nickname, do you still remember how you got this name and it’s a secret between us only. ‘’ Jun remembered back that day he was rushing out from the school and fell down, his father came to him and told him to stand up and be strong and his nickname was to keep him remembered that day he learned this lesson.
He then looked around the room and noticed the picture hanging on the wall and it showed his dad capturing a big fish and the place was the exact location Yun took him. It was the usual place his dad spent his weekends fishing  then he saw an old picture of a man proposing and it was his father and mother when they were still young as well the exact street. There was another picture taken by his mom of his dad drinking coffee in the coffee shop he went this morning. The man took him for a walk, Yun was actually his dad? Knowing it would be too late he planned to rush to the train station.
When he stepped out from his house, the storm had faded and calming breeze blew his face with some petals falling down from a huge tree planted beside his house. It was blooming with flowers and his mom walked out and said ‘’ Did you see that, the little tree you saved had stood up conquering the storm.’’ Jun thought back every word Yun told him again a voice whispering in his ear telling him “ Welcome back’’
Yun sitting on the tree unseen by others talking to himself, ‘’ That day you shared part of your life  to save me without you knowing it, even though you were gone, people that  inherited your life and memory would live on and protect your precious gifts.
Copyright ©- Davis Cheng

10 Seconds World #1

5…4..3..2..1… the countdown broadcast through the world, at these time the peoples would pause their movement, halt from all kinds of activity to cope with it, until the light reentered our eyes again. It’s been a week since, we had learnt to adapt and live with this phenomenal or more precise they call it “Haunt”.

It start with just a small rumor in the net where a group of people felt a sudden darkness covered everything, it happened in a split second but soon the community sky rocketed  with the same experience across the world;the government shut them self with the expert covered their excuse, peoples start to relies on their belief…but soon they curse.

That day carved into the darkest of human history, we desolate by everything surround is except darkness. Symphony of destruction staged everyone, clashed our earbud, shouts grief our soul. Pains claw through the ground, leaving its scar behind upon our sight regained. Death and injured scattered, pieces and blood as near from our reach; washed by the catastrophe and sorrow beneath our stunned shell.

It did not meant to be end as it just started to haunt us, each day we become blind for few seconds. We soon learnt its habit, we were prepared from its arrival, we were no longer defensive less, we were still in control…those slogans were to ease us but we knew all that were not meant to cure but just a way to live with the”Haunt” in which it stared on us ever single move we made, behind its veil.

Today i was waiting for its arrival, the city was never to return to its peace; crimes drastically increase, those held the justice had been sniped by the dark side. As it started, force ot surrendered my self to the dark, that instant i started my timer. I missed the light as much as i wanted to breathe.


“Aliens  invasion?”

“5 seconds, the latest recorded from yesterday “Haunt”

I lost the track of time in my thought until a sudden shriek pierce into our ear, echoed of pain almost send one to deaf. Ray of sun shone of me signified the end of Haunt, i gaze upon my timer.

“10 seconds!”

A car passed by hit right on a person crossing the road, a girl saw the accident; from the movement of her mouth , i knew she was shouting in fear, but…

“i hear nothing, engulfed by total silence.”

The haunt was growing, seemly knew everything about us but we’re just study it, we thought we had came to knew a little about it, the truth we learnt nothing. We blind and now we deaf….  will we loss anymore?

Copyright ©- Davis Cheng

I’m just “Working”

“Ahhhh…” The panda opened her mouth widely, not telling me her intention until i notice she lost one of her tooth.

“Oh, your little tooth detached?” She nodded showing me that she satisfied with my answered.

“I pull the tooth by my self yawn.. know?”

“Oh, now return to your seat.” i knew she wanted  me praise on her further but i not taking that bait.

A creature stop by my sight and left with its remnant shadow behind, it lured my focus to him; a swallow soar, the air couldn’t help but to followed his pride as he showing off his acrobatic for everyone.

“I done my work, anymore?” slapping his gust right on my face.

As expected from his agile wings, i took out a new set of exercise for him. He instantly felt the weigh of the work and forced to land on the ground. Knew the impossible mission i gave, he shape shift into a kitten; torched his dazzle gaze on me. In other word, he innocently complaining my act, in addition ask my sympathy to reduce the works. I purposely ignored his wish to wipe his overwhelm pride totally so he wont get over his self.

“Gulp, gulp,gulp..” Meanwhile, an otter took out his fully filled water bottle and watered his tummy.

“See, i finished my water in on go!” He brag to the neighborhood.

Fox amazed by otter ability, he stare on his water bottle, wish that he could did the same. He tried, but the taste of water was never meant for his taste bud. He sighed, doubted as today she will scold by her mom again.

I went out to prepare more works for them, someone started to felt uneasy as it became too quiet without my voice as so the cricket’s rhythm sound slowly leading others to join his band. the giraffe crafted a binocular with his hand to observe every move i made before i ruin their concert. I used to their orchestra and somehow i enjoy listening it as long they didn’t take out the disco ball.

“Orange flavor.” When i returned, i smell a change of taste in the air.

As i thought, the hamster was hiding something in her mouth, her sneaky gobbling betrayed her. I approached her, she tried to avoid my eye contact by masked her self behind a book.

“Gulp” She did it, evidence destroyed. Thus, stick out her tongue, licking against her lips

“…laa..tasty.” i read her mind entirely

“Shooo… it’s a pencil,  a pen, a ruler.”

“Look at my mighty jet, i flying it” The monkey shouted still all into his fantasy, unaware a monster targeting him and grab his toy. He surrendered, as a tribute he hand in everything in his playground. I earned my self a few stationary to be keep for awhile as a lesson for him.

The octopus focused his sight on the clock and muttered an extensive ancient spell, as if he able to emits his psychic energy speed up the time. The fox came, asking my green light to go to toilet.

“Did you… wanted to pour all your water into the sink is it.” He shocked, i take that as his confession.

“Ring……” The bell rang.

“Yes! Finally my spell work.” The octopus shouted. After a farewell, they snuck into their respective whereabouts.

I sat down, as the emptied room reflected my nature ” An exhausted tuition teacher”

Copyright ©- Davis Cheng



“Steiru, pass!”

If that day comes, I would hold my belief of trusting…

Writing stories in my mind had become part of me, inseparable attachment of habit that formed me regardless of where and when I am. From a tiny detail or common behavior of nature can spark my urge to create a story from it, as a repay for the inspiration I got from them; whether is just a short stories, it does not stopped me from lead them to a proper ending as I trust the story itself will tell me how long it would.

Covered my ears with the music, unconsciously plot up something by playing my hand gesture or even a sudden grins put on my face that was the most seen figure I usually bring myself in the public, you would knew I all into little world of mine.

“Bump” and it happened, this time it was a little girl

As I focus visioning my works and disregard my eye level on the small nature. I quickly held her hand to get off the ground and apologized. She stare at me for a while, I amazed by how she react as far as I knew usually a little kid would cry or even show a shock look before get herself away. I search of any possible scratch on her knee as she did not appear to be in any painful appearance. She took out her hand and reach for me, i baited by her strange act toward me as a stranger. In a blink of an eye, she snatched my music player and ran away.

“I robed, by a girl?”

I stunned, try to study this unusual phenomenal in which just storm in my dreamy land. I woke up and quickly tell me self to chase my belongings back. It’s been awhile since I had my running session, an unplanned past flash back as I run; on the same path , I decide to shape up by body by running, the same path I finally able to ran a great distant without rest, having me memory to run with me in this path had really worked me up.

“Trip” I lost my balance.

Ugh… since when there’s a rocky path here. The girl approached to hold my hand and get up close to my ear followed by her whisper. “Pass?” I questioned, recalled what she told me, for that instance her voice that sounds like an adult had me triggered. She pointing on a direction set on her distant gaze.

“Can you accompany me to go home?”

She asked me with an alluring voice of hers, I agreed. We set out on our little journey as the wind rose, carrying the sprinkle of leaves venture within our reach. She was wearing my music player her, followed the waving gust we stepping on the border of road. She was leading the stage and decided to halt when we reach in front of a building gate. It was a home based pre-school formed by the neighborhood for the children and parents from any hassle to bring their kids to the great distant city, which now she took an interest in.

“My mom teach here, I will study here too”

Judging by her age, I thought she studied here before but something peculiar from her words. Just when my vision away from her, she was climbing into the house and straight to the mini playground; she robed my item now intruded a private compound, who had taught her must be pain in the neck. On the slide, the swings, the monkey bars fully unleashed her child instinct she enclosed to me. I waited patiently only to enjoy “The Mysterious Evening” having fun in her habitat.

“Good evening.”

A pregnant lady came crossed; I swiped my sight through the playground but only to found out the disappearance Miss Mysterious but somehow I relieved from making up an excuse to forgive her action. She pulled my shirt and notified her whereabouts—teleported behind my back, while peek on the lady, their sight met each other. The pregnant lady squat down as she approaching sharing their confession with the touch of hug. I gave the lady a formal greet before we move on…

“Come chase me!” She ran again…

Somehow after she met with the lady, she became happier and high spirited, perhaps she became herself?

“Pass! Pass!”

She was waving her hand in the air, telling me to chase up to her.

“Pass!” I clapped her hand

I’m completely worn out, gasping for air telling her that I can’t run anymore. I felt a chill run through my nerve as she stood in front of me; her hand lay on my face, raising my head…

“Thank you…” Tears dripping onto my face, a sudden shift of mood unraveling her true self, her hair grew longer and she became a teenage.

“What’s wrong” I questioned but she replied by return my belongings, turning her back against me and slowly vanishing into the border of sky. My mind emptied, I learnt her name before she left.


Plugged music into my ear to get a hold of myself, I decide to write my experience into a story. “Pass” the word she keeps pressing, a sign? i travel my way back as I saw the pregnant lady, she seems depressed and lost; standing beside the road she had her vision on an incoming truck, I realized her slight movement, her intention to end her life.

Our hand touched when I push her away to save her… the split pain had become numb, I’m losing my conscious as I seeing her crying and shouting for help.

“Hand, running, pass, touch…” I figured her mystery.


Copyright ©- Davis Cheng


Can’t have Tomorrow 天语

They said i only left with today, i can’t have tomorrow neither give but only can pass on. As today, i decide to write a diary for Tomorrow beside the usual log book for my duty purpose. Let Tomorrow know i’m happy to have with just today, because only with it existence i can have today.

Yesterday was the first friend i saw after being born, even our friendship last for a moment. I can’t wait to meet you Tomorrow, how you looks like, are you a he or she? If you happen to see this diary of mine, i hope you pass on my words to your friend; let this feelings of us in which we shouldn’t ever exist spread to every one of us.

Even i knew Tomorrow your sole purpose was to replace my existence… But i still wish you to have a great day tomorrow, i knew you would as because tomorrow you was chosen to be born on a day with limitless blessings, hope,goodness that you will bring to them. Today is a bad day, i’m doing my job well; recording every passed they create. People are bustling preparing the stage to welcome your arrival, beautiful flower will sound and light the sky tonight; peoples from all over the world will call your name. Apparently that make me jealous of you especially i only manage to listen to the sound but can’t enjoy the flower bloom in the sky with my eyes.

I hopefully perhaps one day, i can have my own fireworks show, my stage… I’m just saying ‘if’ because it’s now like i have control over deciding when to be born, i only can bare with it and enjoy my day as Today. However one thing in which you can’t have no matter how epic your day will be tomorrow, papers and news will only imprint my name on. These means a lot to me, i’m truly satisfied and i gonna take that as a tie between you and me. Nevertheless, don’t you get over your self as far as i know in some places peoples still suffered from impeccable injury.

“You meant nothing to them !”

They did not appreciate us, they just wanted us to went over, gone, and forgotten us. They were alone and lost them self, consumed by the society. Don’t let down by those as there are some you need to take extra care, cherish them. Tough but fragile with even some of them can’t have even a day worth of life, those had put us on their top priority more than anything at the same time their focus can transcend our existence. You must make sure they not overworked,  tell them is time to rest.

The truth actually i want to stay for another day, i don’t want to leave, to be forgotten, to be another blank for another cycle of my life. My affection toward time and after a moment with Yesterday, is it alright to be forgotten? Yesterday leaving with it’s tears, her sadness still stained on me through her story she told me. The very first of us had broke the untold rule which lead her to remembered the past the fact that we have memory in us.

“We’re just been reset each day”

I lend her my hand to pass on her message  to him, they suffered from the separation of each other but i saw hope in both of their sight, i believe their oath had overwhelm every obstacle followed.

6..5..4.. the peoples started the countdown, my chime of death is hitting. Feeling had been born on us, starting from you Tomorrow, we will be different, we got to know our self, we are more than just a numbers…

Happy birthday Tomorrow …0101 !

Copyright ©Davis Cheng






每当你看见我快崩溃的思绪你都能找回我的原点. 近年…我都有将你的闲说淡聊记住,





最重要还是你那句口头禅”千万记得提醒自己伸个长长的呼吸了! 看,你正在活着.”

你记得…你都记得… 我约你的一次,你亲手摘下那片天,让我有了对空的归属感.画出了我生命的你,为何看不见那天长满在你脚下的荆棘绘出了你的一生,烙尽了你…

今天,我遮在雨亭下望穿一片下落在你身上天丝.听完你留给我的最后一言, 我只能流连在你的曾经… 失去你的当时,度思难返. 我宁可你不记得我的一切…宁可我曾经只不过是你身边的一阵风,永远徘徊在你的怀抱里.



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