1…2…3…” Take a deep breath, shall you?”

I did what she told and he asked me do i felt any better as the air filled up my emptiness. But i responded her by keep my eyes lid shut tightly, ignored her existence. She knew me very well even better than my soul mate as every slight thought of mine never escape from her grasp.

its a tough mission that i need to stay away from her act in the same keeping her within my reach.  By now her friend will whisper through my ears, echoed everything in the room. I tempted by her sound, my hand can’t stand still but to reach for her lips, gently touch it as her voice fade away.

5 more second i told her, just don’t leave me alone yet… When i’m just finished this proposal and get into the countdown, she stretched both of my arm straight up, penetrated through the cloud of dreams to start my daily responsible in order to hold my world from falling and a sign of farewell with her.

She walk out the door as i woke, still fond of her traces,her touch. After an interval of separation we met again by the course of the blind sky. In contrarily fashion, she lay on my shoulder along with her soothing whisper of lullaby as my gaze close it’s curtain, fell for her embrace.

“Good night” Zzz…zzz…

Copyright © Davis Cheng


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