To Be Remembered By Thee

As the Chinese Lunar calendar about to come to it’s tail, the snake year is going for another cycle of hibernation now is up to the monkeys to rule this year. Here we have the famous Monkey king born from the mythical rock left over by the goddess and i gonna start cleaning up my room as told by my goddess mom.

A famous well known phrase for every one of us living in this land in which it will sound in our head when involve with a big event of cleaning up some places “Gotong-royong” . We learnt it in our text book, our first official essay we thought is the hardest genre to write beside a biography.

Gotong-Royong to cleaning up is fun when you do it together, but it ain’t when you on your own to clean your space, the milky way that you had created for entire year. looking into cupboard stacks of book formed a wall of dust with a leftover habitat of spider webs welcomed my arrival.

These books i got to send to recycle but first i got to make sure any present of vital monument in between sheet of pages and so i found some pieces of memories as i flipping through these mediums.

I remembered those doodles when i day dreaming in the class, i felt bored to study as much as i miss those days, those rhythm still lurking in between time. I hooked up by these text book, notes, foot prints of leads, the smell and words of spell once put me into slumber now had my conscious refreshed.

Perhaps it’s time to connect with my old buddies telling him that i found a pieces of comic u drew in primary 4, a birthday card that still working with music from my first crush that i now can admit to everyone,the fun we going out for a class picnic to celebrate your birthday, the fight and argument we had due to my selfishness… i still owe you guys an apology.

I’m going to deliver my thought by telling them “How are you?” listen to their voice and wish them Happy Chinese New Year !

Things exist to be remembered…

Copyright © Davis Cheng




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