Tsen Tree 千树

“You wont be able to soar again, is it alright?”

“I just want to stay by your side.”

That what his vow to her…

There are countless of tales can be heard in this village all revolve to the roots of Tsen Tree,  a tree in which the elders believed it existed for thousands years and became the heart of the village. There’s tales said that the tree connect to the life stream from the sky and created the terrestrial, the origin of earth.

Ever since i step on this land, i can felt pulse resonate the ground with each step tuned such crisp wave. A night stroll in this peaceful village contented my traces, the breezy works of air had me escort to where they belongs. Carving my presence on this transcendent path of time, i lay on your side…

Listening to the slight slips of wind through the leaves, i rest my touch on your sylvan self had me reminisced my smile on you. That day, i fell on the ground;sunk into the centuries of empty space until you eased on me, overflown your feeling into my pulse. You spread your wings and prayed for your vow to reach me. Severe feathers of yours became a shelter for my dreams to live on.

“its worth it after all, to be able to witness and protect your smile, Tsen.”

It was his voice, he called me as i step into my slumber for another “Tsentury”

Copyright ©- Davis Cheng



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