Nyan’s Ibasho

sniff..sniff… “its not here, i’m tired…”

The cold air in the morning had woke me, although i hadn’t any good sleep on this grassy bed, its tickling and i felt something hopping on my body. “swipe, swipe” i think they had invaded me. I couldn’t care less, i need to keep on finding the way return to her palm.

My vision was still blurry, all i can see mist surround me; could it be i was dreaming after all. The mist become dense and somehow i saw it gather into a small clear sphere as it become bigger , heavier as so it falling, turning into an icicle spear thus drop right on my tummy. I stunned for a split…

“Nyooooo…! Its penetrated my soul”

The chill run through my body, shriek my nerve for a few moment; i fully gained my instinct to get out from the hazard and run into a lair i newly found. It’s so dangerous out here alone as they said. Perhaps i think its time i have to recall back my wild self, my honor that had been passed down by our mighty ancestor to every one of us.

“Now i shall unleash my arts!”

My parents told me first i must enter my meditation mode to focus and listen to the surrounding; grip the ground and feel… Soon i felt tremor coming from the ground follow by the shaking and noise, my instinct acted it self to perform the second artThe sit still and become one with the surround.

I hold my position noticed that the sun had came out, its rays had shone everything except my fort, i move my hand to collect the ray but it was not enough as my mind are asking more. I began to hand in my self to the warm, dazzling light…

“I wanted to take my shower!”

Im into my bathtub, letting the running heat all over my body, scratching my self against the ground unaware that a sight had gazed on me. He grabbed me exchanging our sight, he had the eyes of her, maybe i can follow him and forget her… i nodded to the pendant on my neck as an oath between us. I easily shook my self to free from him, he seems to chase on me. I have choice but to sprint on the path blindly, i don’t want to get caught.

” Shion.. Shion…”


She was calling me, i knew that was her.

“Meeoow…! I am here… i here”

The boy caught up, panting … while shown us a picture of me”i found your cat, but it run away, it didn’t lost to somewhere again”

“I realized he was Sumi’s friend”

Copyright ©- Davis Cheng





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