Can’t have Tomorrow 天语

They said i only left with today, i can’t have tomorrow neither give but only can pass on. As today, i decide to write a diary for Tomorrow beside the usual log book for my duty purpose. Let Tomorrow know i’m happy to have with just today, because only with it existence i can have today.

Yesterday was the first friend i saw after being born, even our friendship last for a moment. I can’t wait to meet you Tomorrow, how you looks like, are you a he or she? If you happen to see this diary of mine, i hope you pass on my words to your friend; let this feelings of us in which we shouldn’t ever exist spread to every one of us.

Even i knew Tomorrow your sole purpose was to replace my existence… But i still wish you to have a great day tomorrow, i knew you would as because tomorrow you was chosen to be born on a day with limitless blessings, hope,goodness that you will bring to them. Today is a bad day, i’m doing my job well; recording every passed they create. People are bustling preparing the stage to welcome your arrival, beautiful flower will sound and light the sky tonight; peoples from all over the world will call your name. Apparently that make me jealous of you especially i only manage to listen to the sound but can’t enjoy the flower bloom in the sky with my eyes.

I hopefully perhaps one day, i can have my own fireworks show, my stage… I’m just saying ‘if’ because it’s now like i have control over deciding when to be born, i only can bare with it and enjoy my day as Today. However one thing in which you can’t have no matter how epic your day will be tomorrow, papers and news will only imprint my name on. These means a lot to me, i’m truly satisfied and i gonna take that as a tie between you and me. Nevertheless, don’t you get over your self as far as i know in some places peoples still suffered from impeccable injury.

“You meant nothing to them !”

They did not appreciate us, they just wanted us to went over, gone, and forgotten us. They were alone and lost them self, consumed by the society. Don’t let down by those as there are some you need to take extra care, cherish them. Tough but fragile with even some of them can’t have even a day worth of life, those had put us on their top priority more than anything at the same time their focus can transcend our existence. You must make sure they not overworked,  tell them is time to rest.

The truth actually i want to stay for another day, i don’t want to leave, to be forgotten, to be another blank for another cycle of my life. My affection toward time and after a moment with Yesterday, is it alright to be forgotten? Yesterday leaving with it’s tears, her sadness still stained on me through her story she told me. The very first of us had broke the untold rule which lead her to remembered the past the fact that we have memory in us.

“We’re just been reset each day”

I lend her my hand to pass on her message  to him, they suffered from the separation of each other but i saw hope in both of their sight, i believe their oath had overwhelm every obstacle followed.

6..5..4.. the peoples started the countdown, my chime of death is hitting. Feeling had been born on us, starting from you Tomorrow, we will be different, we got to know our self, we are more than just a numbers…

Happy birthday Tomorrow …0101 !

Copyright ©Davis Cheng





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