“Steiru, pass!”

If that day comes, I would hold my belief of trusting…

Writing stories in my mind had become part of me, inseparable attachment of habit that formed me regardless of where and when I am. From a tiny detail or common behavior of nature can spark my urge to create a story from it, as a repay for the inspiration I got from them; whether is just a short stories, it does not stopped me from lead them to a proper ending as I trust the story itself will tell me how long it would.

Covered my ears with the music, unconsciously plot up something by playing my hand gesture or even a sudden grins put on my face that was the most seen figure I usually bring myself in the public, you would knew I all into little world of mine.

“Bump” and it happened, this time it was a little girl

As I focus visioning my works and disregard my eye level on the small nature. I quickly held her hand to get off the ground and apologized. She stare at me for a while, I amazed by how she react as far as I knew usually a little kid would cry or even show a shock look before get herself away. I search of any possible scratch on her knee as she did not appear to be in any painful appearance. She took out her hand and reach for me, i baited by her strange act toward me as a stranger. In a blink of an eye, she snatched my music player and ran away.

“I robed, by a girl?”

I stunned, try to study this unusual phenomenal in which just storm in my dreamy land. I woke up and quickly tell me self to chase my belongings back. It’s been awhile since I had my running session, an unplanned past flash back as I run; on the same path , I decide to shape up by body by running, the same path I finally able to ran a great distant without rest, having me memory to run with me in this path had really worked me up.

“Trip” I lost my balance.

Ugh… since when there’s a rocky path here. The girl approached to hold my hand and get up close to my ear followed by her whisper. “Pass?” I questioned, recalled what she told me, for that instance her voice that sounds like an adult had me triggered. She pointing on a direction set on her distant gaze.

“Can you accompany me to go home?”

She asked me with an alluring voice of hers, I agreed. We set out on our little journey as the wind rose, carrying the sprinkle of leaves venture within our reach. She was wearing my music player her, followed the waving gust we stepping on the border of road. She was leading the stage and decided to halt when we reach in front of a building gate. It was a home based pre-school formed by the neighborhood for the children and parents from any hassle to bring their kids to the great distant city, which now she took an interest in.

“My mom teach here, I will study here too”

Judging by her age, I thought she studied here before but something peculiar from her words. Just when my vision away from her, she was climbing into the house and straight to the mini playground; she robed my item now intruded a private compound, who had taught her must be pain in the neck. On the slide, the swings, the monkey bars fully unleashed her child instinct she enclosed to me. I waited patiently only to enjoy “The Mysterious Evening” having fun in her habitat.

“Good evening.”

A pregnant lady came crossed; I swiped my sight through the playground but only to found out the disappearance Miss Mysterious but somehow I relieved from making up an excuse to forgive her action. She pulled my shirt and notified her whereabouts—teleported behind my back, while peek on the lady, their sight met each other. The pregnant lady squat down as she approaching sharing their confession with the touch of hug. I gave the lady a formal greet before we move on…

“Come chase me!” She ran again…

Somehow after she met with the lady, she became happier and high spirited, perhaps she became herself?

“Pass! Pass!”

She was waving her hand in the air, telling me to chase up to her.

“Pass!” I clapped her hand

I’m completely worn out, gasping for air telling her that I can’t run anymore. I felt a chill run through my nerve as she stood in front of me; her hand lay on my face, raising my head…

“Thank you…” Tears dripping onto my face, a sudden shift of mood unraveling her true self, her hair grew longer and she became a teenage.

“What’s wrong” I questioned but she replied by return my belongings, turning her back against me and slowly vanishing into the border of sky. My mind emptied, I learnt her name before she left.


Plugged music into my ear to get a hold of myself, I decide to write my experience into a story. “Pass” the word she keeps pressing, a sign? i travel my way back as I saw the pregnant lady, she seems depressed and lost; standing beside the road she had her vision on an incoming truck, I realized her slight movement, her intention to end her life.

Our hand touched when I push her away to save her… the split pain had become numb, I’m losing my conscious as I seeing her crying and shouting for help.

“Hand, running, pass, touch…” I figured her mystery.


Copyright ©- Davis Cheng



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