I’m just “Working”

“Ahhhh…” The panda opened her mouth widely, not telling me her intention until i notice she lost one of her tooth.

“Oh, your little tooth detached?” She nodded showing me that she satisfied with my answered.

“I pull the tooth by my self yawn.. know?”

“Oh, now return to your seat.” i knew she wanted  me praise on her further but i not taking that bait.

A creature stop by my sight and left with its remnant shadow behind, it lured my focus to him; a swallow soar, the air couldn’t help but to followed his pride as he showing off his acrobatic for everyone.

“I done my work, anymore?” slapping his gust right on my face.

As expected from his agile wings, i took out a new set of exercise for him. He instantly felt the weigh of the work and forced to land on the ground. Knew the impossible mission i gave, he shape shift into a kitten; torched his dazzle gaze on me. In other word, he innocently complaining my act, in addition ask my sympathy to reduce the works. I purposely ignored his wish to wipe his overwhelm pride totally so he wont get over his self.

“Gulp, gulp,gulp..” Meanwhile, an otter took out his fully filled water bottle and watered his tummy.

“See, i finished my water in on go!” He brag to the neighborhood.

Fox amazed by otter ability, he stare on his water bottle, wish that he could did the same. He tried, but the taste of water was never meant for his taste bud. He sighed, doubted as today she will scold by her mom again.

I went out to prepare more works for them, someone started to felt uneasy as it became too quiet without my voice as so the cricket’s rhythm sound slowly leading others to join his band. the giraffe crafted a binocular with his hand to observe every move i made before i ruin their concert. I used to their orchestra and somehow i enjoy listening it as long they didn’t take out the disco ball.

“Orange flavor.” When i returned, i smell a change of taste in the air.

As i thought, the hamster was hiding something in her mouth, her sneaky gobbling betrayed her. I approached her, she tried to avoid my eye contact by masked her self behind a book.

“Gulp” She did it, evidence destroyed. Thus, stick out her tongue, licking against her lips

“La..la…laa..tasty.” i read her mind entirely

“Shooo… it’s a pencil,  a pen, a ruler.”

“Look at my mighty jet, i flying it” The monkey shouted still all into his fantasy, unaware a monster targeting him and grab his toy. He surrendered, as a tribute he hand in everything in his playground. I earned my self a few stationary to be keep for awhile as a lesson for him.

The octopus focused his sight on the clock and muttered an extensive ancient spell, as if he able to emits his psychic energy speed up the time. The fox came, asking my green light to go to toilet.

“Did you… wanted to pour all your water into the sink is it.” He shocked, i take that as his confession.

“Ring……” The bell rang.

“Yes! Finally my spell work.” The octopus shouted. After a farewell, they snuck into their respective whereabouts.

I sat down, as the emptied room reflected my nature ” An exhausted tuition teacher”

Copyright ©- Davis Cheng




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