10 Seconds World #1

5…4..3..2..1… the countdown broadcast through the world, at these time the peoples would pause their movement, halt from all kinds of activity to cope with it, until the light reentered our eyes again. It’s been a week since, we had learnt to adapt and live with this phenomenal or more precise they call it “Haunt”.

It start with just a small rumor in the net where a group of people felt a sudden darkness covered everything, it happened in a split second but soon the community sky rocketed  with the same experience across the world;the government shut them self with the expert covered their excuse, peoples start to relies on their belief…but soon they curse.

That day carved into the darkest of human history, we desolate by everything surround is except darkness. Symphony of destruction staged everyone, clashed our earbud, shouts grief our soul. Pains claw through the ground, leaving its scar behind upon our sight regained. Death and injured scattered, pieces and blood as near from our reach; washed by the catastrophe and sorrow beneath our stunned shell.

It did not meant to be end as it just started to haunt us, each day we become blind for few seconds. We soon learnt its habit, we were prepared from its arrival, we were no longer defensive less, we were still in control…those slogans were to ease us but we knew all that were not meant to cure but just a way to live with the”Haunt” in which it stared on us ever single move we made, behind its veil.

Today i was waiting for its arrival, the city was never to return to its peace; crimes drastically increase, those held the justice had been sniped by the dark side. As it started, force ot surrendered my self to the dark, that instant i started my timer. I missed the light as much as i wanted to breathe.


“Aliens  invasion?”

“5 seconds, the latest recorded from yesterday “Haunt”

I lost the track of time in my thought until a sudden shriek pierce into our ear, echoed of pain almost send one to deaf. Ray of sun shone of me signified the end of Haunt, i gaze upon my timer.

“10 seconds!”

A car passed by hit right on a person crossing the road, a girl saw the accident; from the movement of her mouth , i knew she was shouting in fear, but…

“i hear nothing, engulfed by total silence.”

The haunt was growing, seemly knew everything about us but we’re just study it, we thought we had came to knew a little about it, the truth we learnt nothing. We blind and now we deaf….  will we loss anymore?

Copyright ©- Davis Cheng


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