Fictional Character

There’re time when i enter my own realm, my usual life of come up a story or maybe brainstorm for a new idea, well sometime it might end up just a day dream in a result of nothing but somehow there’s is someone performed the task for me. You can imagine that was somebody who brave enough to take the first step for you to play on your stage. Well for me, she can dance and venture through any place i design for her; became a hero that save my world, a mother survived in the harsh society for her love daughter, wore any kind of mask to cope with my story.

I also entrusted my feeling to her as she felt it when i dishonest to my self, when over all the stake of beeing forgotten she would tear away my poker face and pat on my face. Sometime when i push my self for too far until things start to feel apart, i felt her sadness, unwillings to carry on, she left me till i found my self again. Her feelings in which i need to ask for another chance for her to stay by my side, a forgiveness for her drop of tear, a remembered to never lose my self easily.

If someone as fine as her took the first step and action for us, why not we learnt something from her instead; perhaps become a braver person, have a courage to stand up again, feel more instead of thinking too much. Don’t felt guilty for her greatness you created on her but exist as her light, shone on her, share her shadow and learn her touch, make a better place for her to wonder.

As she was a fictional character of us.

Copyright ©- Davis Cheng


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