Please Don’t Close My Eyes 请不要闭上我的双眼..

“One step… two step… and squat down!”

“The handle… handle… where is it?”

“Okay, found it and open this feeling, this sound, this smell, food found!”

I quickly stuff in the food inside my empty tummy reminded myself of the sizzling pan fried sunny eggs as my usual breakfast. The Sun… Will I able to touch the warm and hold the light with my palm ever again? I’m waiting… waiting for ‘hope’ to realize my presence while sustaining my dimming life.

“I’m getting use to the darkness”

Being alone in the silent and dark room was not that scary anymore as I can create light in my imagination but it was cold, maybe it stained by my sadness or like everyone said today would be blue after all.

“I’m not shouting as loud as I can nor cry for someone to hear me.”

I became a listener to myself, decided which I can’t hurt my voice further; i think my eyes had swollen when it decided to stop flowing, there should be a path engraved with the dried out tears on top of my panda’s eyes patch, I wonder how i looks like. “Clown with dark patch drawn on his face?”

“I’m not hurting myself anymore.”

I learnt the painful lesson from panicked in the dark space, everything I once familiar with their appearance had become my obstacle, stopped me from finding my way to get out, hold my legs as so I tripped over them. I managed to touch the door knob but the door had lost its key and became a wall. I struggled to the point I wanted to break myself apart until my vision fail me, when I can felt something dripping out from my head before I lost my conscious. “I want to get out…”

“I must get hold of myself.”

After the tremor, I had locked up in the other side, this room of mine turned into a stranger’s isle. I raise my head, throw my gaze on the ceiling as I began to stake my hope on something above, hoping it will break apart to become into a spot light to shine on me.

The heat slowly engulf me, so as I usually complained to the sun in the outdoor of how much I hate its merciless heat but this instant I wanted its rays to found me, tied my up to its side. I lay on the floor; it was cozy enough to gradually give in myself into the state of subconscious.

“A scar?”

When I’m touching across the floor surface, I felt a rough line likely being forcefully torn up by the shock of tremor.

“It’s must be hurt, right? Mr. ground.”

“But don’t you worry; my mom told me the pain will fade away like the twinkle star if we sing its song.”

“Twinkle, twinkle little star… h…ow…how ie…i…wonder… mom, can I take a nap? I give my word, just a little while… I will wake up.”

“You little cry baby, I just start to get some sleep after the hassle this morning, and you woke me up again.”

“Who is talking?” I’m shocked. A man unveil in front of me, all I can see just him but everything still surrounded in dark. My heart still beating, I’m pretty sure of it. Could it be spirit from someone, am I close to become one of them?


He came up close to me and snapped my forehead out of my confusion.

“You called me, do you still remember? Never mind, I was living in the neighborhood and I heard your noise…”

I’m stunned, but it kind of comforting to have companion.

“I’m a magician you know?

Just when I’m about to ask more about him, he took out something and raise his hand in the dark. His wand was releasing a buzzing sound into the dark, I felt something flew across my cheek, the dark start to glow; a ring of glittering light surround a dark sphere filled the room. He told me he was amazed like me when he first discovered the glowing darkness.

“So can you repay me with your song?” He asked while yawning.

My voice let out upon glimpsing this mysterious view, its like the dark knight decide to unravel its heavy mask and rest his exhausted soul.

“Twinkle…twinkle little star .. I finished the song. The hypnotic glow settled my uncanny feeling, pain and worry fade away along with my strength.

He rush beside me, I couldn’t hear clear what he said, he screamed. I held his hand and used what left to whisper him.

“Please don’t close my eyes… its was very beautiful, but I still love with the…”

“Don’t give up, they are coming, I can felt their steps, just a little while” His voice reached me

“Thank you, Mr.Ground”

“Sorry, Sorry,Sorry…! I couldn’t do anything” he apologized

The debris on the ceiling shook, a light ray travel to her side, on her face and expand  through her entire body, it was the ray of sun in which she hoped, she loved.

“Look! There was person inside, get more help, hurried!” shouted the rescue team on the earthquake site. It appeared the entire land was suffered…

In memory of…. victims of earth quake in which recently happened in Taiwan during the festive season, tragedy of natural disaster happened in other countries in the past.

My deepest condolence…

Copyright ©- Davis Cheng


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