First Dream of Life 生命の初梦

“Mom…Mom…There is something i wanted to tell you long time ago, i tried to tell you through my moving hand and eyes but you seems to need more clue to find out what i really want to tell.”

“I did not give up but kept within my memory until today… i will reveal the whole story to you. Why today? Because i finally learnt the voice as it enable me to speak with you.”

I remembered that day you named me, i was awoke from your call; i realized i can’t control my self yet, i was just waving in the pulse of yours, listen to the oscillating currents from your tranquil sound.

“Can i ask for more?”

Its moving… Things in different shape, various colour and most importantly i saw a someone with the look like you, mom. Everyday you bring the sky into my hearts, i even hover on the cloud; you even let me ride the wind, fly around the evergreen land. Its your mind i felt, we are close to each other by another inch of feeling.

“But i want to get closer with you, can i?”

One, two, three,four and five, i rest my palm on you while counting my fingers. I’m felt the warm on your hand as it delivered to my whole conscious; i tried my best to tell you how i cherish this moment, in your grasp. I will hold you forever to let you know my gratitude of granting my wish.

“It’s good enough, i’m satisfied”

I opened gaze today looking toward the sky but today it’s colour changed, filled with dark cloud soon the  ground become wet by the droplet fell from the sky; i gusted by the chilly wind and left alone wandered alone in the storm. I didn’t heard anything from you mom… but never mind i won’t give up to search for you.

“It’s freezing…”

Mom.. since when you did not realize my presence, did you forgot about me? I found your touch, but they were not warm anymore, and you were wearing a mask to cover your self, it was scary but i did not give up to stare on you, held your hand. Remember you still have me, is there any move i can make to return your smile?

“Last wish”

I want to move! Please let me to walk with you! Even the path was full with thorns, no matter how hard it might get, i will be your shoes, carry you to our dreamland again. Don’t worry mom… my step will always wait for you,  despite you getting slower and forgetful with each day passes. You will never left alone, so let’s try together

“Don’t ever sink and consumed by the slumber, wake up, mom!”

“You are making me sleepy too… see you in my dream mom…”

As the day getting darker….

Copyright ©- Davis Cheng





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