When i am procrastinating

Hi, it’s me again and i got to admit we didn’t meet that often these days, not because i want to avoid your existence or had any hard feeling toward you but it seems your story were too common and uninteresting to the readers.

So how should i begin this with you…. owh i know it happened after a call from my friend to tell me he booked a ticket for the midnight movie, it was just about i hit on my slimy bed as i usually execute the habit i formed to sleep early every night if only nothing trigger my naughty spirit.

As so i decide to overlook my blood pressure tonight and hang out with my friends into the late hour since it’s still the festive season as well it is fun to break the rules once in a blue moon while let my inner sense to bloom. Strolling in the night city and sight seeing the bistro, bars still filled the darkness with light and noise like flowers spreading every last bits of its spring wonders.

The movie was just okay, i dozed in a few scene nearing the end of the film as crude humor and action scene was not my cup of tea despite such high praise, review and rating on the net. It was about 2am when we out of the cinema, the breezing late night wind refreshed the space and time; settled the harsh and lush string of attraction between peoples.

This night i didn’t create any dreams, perhaps i was too tired until the first ray of light touched me lit up the time beneath my deep hard core, ticking it self, winding the pendulum of life.

Dear diary thanks for the hold, the stop of urgency i forced into my self without i acknowledge, it started to consumed me; before forgetting the initial dream i crafted, please let me recall the flow of swing in the current of time as a way to remember my self…

A million thanks for endured my nonsense to let my self procrastinate a little while from the exhausted lost sense.

Copyright ©- Davis Cheng




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