21 grams of life. 10 Seconds World #2

Listening to the ticking clock as i mentally awoke but still set my vision inside the wondrous darkness, stranded on my comfy cushion and feel beneath the deep void swallowing, creeping on my presence.

It was when i stopped to hope and settled down with my value for this life of mine, when each day is hopeless; all i can is just waiting and counting the numbers to replace, to sneak in between each other.Lurking in the flow of time, i trapped in this wondrous recycle i built from a quarter of my life for the sole purpose- to live. It secured, keep my self save and comfort but unaware it began slaughtering my sense ever since all this time.

Perhaps is another dreadful way to start this day with my feeling was getting numb to even felt, let alone these unsettle doubt in which chained every inch of my mind accompany by a stream of anger waved a tidal to further succumb me in the wreckage reminded of how i can’t do any to change, i will lost everything if i ever try step away from this rail.

The chime of death god had send it’s call through out my nerve, an impulse to follow the contract i signed to carry on my dailies for the world.I wake up and put up my usual figure, a suit and a mask, stepping on the weighing scale as i always wonder i loss something.

My weigh remained ever since that day it loss 21grams  until now, it never gain nor less.

Copyright ©- Davis Cheng