Finally i can die…

Finally i can die… to whose purpose i don’t know

It is the way it should be, you born, you live, your end.

No cause! No choice! Know nothing! But hollow within,

its impeccable… its mesmerizing… its an only feeling of something to keep us living.

For that one true moment, i anticipated, i yearns for this day to be there for me as i can have my self to decide how it end.

Without sign nor time know when this day would descend upon me, i done more than how it should take me until i can felt every inch on time passes in my veins, i carved sweat and blood through my way until it can shed no more, rise from the slumber soil as it succumb me when i fell off.

Watching and lurking over me, i drag my self to move on, never halt on any single doubt until i had my last breathe.

Finally i can die, as my name brings and means love to everyone i shared my vision in my story, i left no more…





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