Magical Kingdom

Once there’s was a lone kingdom situated in some where deep inside a horizon, the king rules nothing but deserted isle surrounds with huge wall, never a chime has reach here nor any emotion ever sparks.

Its just another day of waiting for the righteous being to set their touch on the other side of wall but a hope which it can’t be seen through one bare sight even it was not too far beyond one reach in fact this kingdom was within one grasp ever since life called upon.

There’s said that  everyone who live in the kingdom can be grant with any wishes with the correct spell one speaks, its was an appreciation for those found this place as they bring life to the plain. This is a place where one’s dream can be seen, one desire can be touch, every fantasy come to life through one’s dare to chant the magical spells.

“Your wish is my command”

If you ever felt to leave this kingdom, everything must be leave behind as the truth has knocked the door on the other side of the wall.leaving one to realize the key to the magical kingdom was laying beneath one palm, on the plain paper.

“Never meant to be a thing but just an act to fill one void within”


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