Wake up dream

“Wake up!, Wake up!”

Rise and shine already i believe… as so i have to get my eyes open, but first it need to do its job which is to blink and i having a hard time because its weight a night of dream.

“Never mind” i tell my self

I forgot it must always a plan B to begin with, i just have to pull my self together and begin the chant i sing ” arise! arise!” from the bed and “crawl! crawl” out from the warm shell of blanket. Surrounded by the soft and cuddly with the smell of wonderland enough to numb every sense, I’ve been melt into a primal species of every video games , a slime by all means! “Hit me with every might you can and I’ll just revive, again and again rinse and repeat”

“Okay, i will wake up, in just another moment, promise.”

After a ride of squishy bum my adventure as a slime come to an end as i slide my feet into a pair of slippers. “Tap, tap, tap” listening to the sound it made when i marched across breeze toward the enchanting forest, beside a tranquil lake i scoop a glass of water. “Gallop, gallop, gallop” i felt the stream of life breaking in every empty vessel, awaking its vessel and rise to the almighty king , embrace his highness as a new legend born.


Laid my self down, in front of the screen i lurk my gaze as it reflect me, together we held a momentary of silence before i notice my phone was beside me… i picked it up, swipe and slide my touch across its slippery, thin sheet of glass but beneath was another world it connect every mind into…

“Beep ! Beep ! Beep…!” In a sudden the phone shake it self off my palm and came to life. As it start causing havoc around my room, i witness a finishing blow it unleashed on me; a lightning spear strike right into my heart, the next second i caught nothing but a faint of beat sounded in within.

Upon realized the sorcery behind the shock,  i hurried jump out from my bed and stretch my hand as long as it can to grasp this witch craft, stopping it from causing another repetition of hazardous witchery.

It was 5:30am, just another i got used to kick start a day. With peace come to mind , i answer the call of nature and yawn my way to the toilet as fragment of dreams surge alongside.

I wish everyone a GOOD MORNING ^_^



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