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I am tired… can i.. “No! there so much things i can and i have to do it before night end. If i only left with today to live i will give everything i got, while remembering that oath i made every single day but why can’t i keep it… Maybe i’m got used to it, its a lie after all, a fake propaganda to make me sounds cooler when i got chance to share this idea.

So be it…i shall gave in to one of the deadly sin- a sloth

But i couldn’t help to realize how my words being heard and liked by peoples, those are not miracle but a sign to tell me to keep doing it and improve. They understand the meaning in my words and once again i saved by thee from all the misery i cast upon my self…

Tiredness ? Nah.. A cold night shower shall fix it for a while, more importantly i got a whole world to serve, am a superman in my own style!


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