I was waiting beside the road, alone, carrying an umbrella for someone else; I thought it will be rain tomorrow so I could cover her under the rain. I hope it will rain like what I wished; the plot will be play like what I thought.

“No” don’t expect too much , don’t expect anything at all, we just meet once and just exchange name, you are just being alone for too long , that’s not love in first sight, this is just science’s trick played in your body, its plain biology and chemistry, its explainable … Please trample this feeling, buried it, never let it control you.

The rain had stopped, it’s hot and the sun is shine, the bus had arrived… what you have been waiting?

I will meet her for the second times, is she the one or just a passerby, a test? Is there really an unseen string that connect us, how should I grab it?


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