Its just like playing a video game, you finished your main quest and restart it in a different save file but the different in this game is that your last ending was a complete failure…

I was sitting on my throne gaze upon all the land and ocean i fought to claim its righteous, its not doubt that i am on the peak of my life but is it enough? As i all into my self, an idea came across in my mind where i wished for something out of my mind before the bore caught up me.

Together with the last glimpse of light that seems resonate my thought had devour everything including my conscious into a place where i started to feel the familiar breeze, calling, guiding  a new life to wake and live.

“King! King!….. are you alright?”

“Protect the King… … ”



Those voices… reminded my of someone but its a weird dream, i woke up in a grassy plain not knowing who nor any memory in this unknown land but a need to start my journey to fill up that void in within.

“Master… your wish?”


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