A Powerful Wish

Today woke up early than usual because my mind happened to run all kind of thought in a sudden and that alarmed me, subconscious mean business when i half awake.

Recently i found out my thought became something overwhelm with vast amount energy that it had made things happen, a wishing well to be precise which my body react to my drive of emotion, idea, or just a flash of thought.

Having to understand this energy wont instantly change my life to the way i wanted it to be for i must take control if by any chance i let my self flow with no direction, it will took me to a lost land.

As a story writer its a habit to let my mind wander on its own especially i brainstorming an idea but deep down i wished for a good story prior anything and for the most time idea will return from what i wished, it just this simple? To just wish for something and it will be granted?

No, a habit must be form before this powerful wish can be your weapon. A wished cannot be revert upon cast, be wise on what you ask for, its a double edge sword.


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