Conformity? Not A Chance!

If conformity is way to live in this reality, then fine by me , i will be your guest but you never got the real me cause i got my mask crafted just like James Bond or any other undercover just to have fun with you once in a while when i feel like to.

If a faker is all you wanted so be it as I will not and never interested to interfere this petty reality of yours. I intrigue to reason why you can be so calm and numb even this place is filled with rotten air and peoples are dying under your supremacy.

Oh! i get it, you have millions of worshiper that kiss up you for you figured a way for them to just kept them survive, not giving more nor less but just enough for them to know who to ask for foods when they hungry. An addiction to survive is what you selling but you know what, i am not buying that as soon i realized the power to create!

I have my own Eden, i create realities to live with and the best part is…

I’m not the only one, I’m not alone but don’t you ever have a slight thought to try us, as we can bring storm and thunder to wipe up your puny existence in a blink but rest assure we were just teased you, you cute reality.

“We are oozing in style”



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