I poured the wine into a standing glass on the edge of table and lean back on my chair, knowing it will be a good taste from every drops of sound it made whirl in within, so lusty and mesmerizing.

I got excited to hold my gaze upon its impeccable figure, alluring fragment lit up the life in the air but it slip between my fingers and fell.

On the ground it shattered into hundreds of pieces reflecting my self….


Conformity? Not A Chance!

If conformity is way to live in this reality, then fine by me , i will be your guest but you never got the real me cause i got my mask crafted just like James Bond or any other undercover just to have fun with you once in a while when i feel like to.

If a faker is all you wanted so be it as I will not and never interested to interfere this petty reality of yours. I intrigue to reason why you can be so calm and numb even this place is filled with rotten air and peoples are dying under your supremacy.

Oh! i get it, you have millions of worshiper that kiss up you for you figured a way for them to just kept them survive, not giving more nor less but just enough for them to know who to ask for foods when they hungry. An addiction to survive is what you selling but you know what, i am not buying that as soon i realized the power to create!

I have my own Eden, i create realities to live with and the best part is…

I’m not the only one, I’m not alone but don’t you ever have a slight thought to try us, as we can bring storm and thunder to wipe up your puny existence in a blink but rest assure we were just teased you, you cute reality.

“We are oozing in style”



The best way to feel life is the moment you wake up from sleep in the morning where you consciously feel the breath that surge into your sense and quickly fill up that hungry soul of yours as it restlessly ventured across the dream lands you perceive from the fragments  of nonsensical memories it brought back.

But, have you ever wonder the best way to die is also on your bed where you were at your most vulnerable and so attach in between unconscious and subconscious realm we called them ‘dreams’ but in reality it is a death men grave that we travel during our sleep. You will wake up like the best moment of life can offer but unknowingly you were a death person.

Life and death are in within and it does not matter as we are just a traveler, a passer to soar…

“We are wings”

King’s Oath

Are you try to run away upon realized that you fell on my palm?

Don’t worry nor hassle, i will give you plenty of time to let you do so.

Remember… panic wont help to catch up your breath.

I am a king, i control consequences, i wrote you before we met therefore don’t question , don’t think more than you but just an idea i bestowed.

Thee shall listen to my whisper and now where are you?

Pant… pant…

That’s the sound i like to hear. “Oh! you are just done”

“Bite the dust now and goodbye.”

I shall grasp you like the first time you ran into my wandered mind….Only this time it will be unbearable.

“Cute little prey “

A Powerful Wish

Today woke up early than usual because my mind happened to run all kind of thought in a sudden and that alarmed me, subconscious mean business when i half awake.

Recently i found out my thought became something overwhelm with vast amount energy that it had made things happen, a wishing well to be precise which my body react to my drive of emotion, idea, or just a flash of thought.

Having to understand this energy wont instantly change my life to the way i wanted it to be for i must take control if by any chance i let my self flow with no direction, it will took me to a lost land.

As a story writer its a habit to let my mind wander on its own especially i brainstorming an idea but deep down i wished for a good story prior anything and for the most time idea will return from what i wished, it just this simple? To just wish for something and it will be granted?

No, a habit must be form before this powerful wish can be your weapon. A wished cannot be revert upon cast, be wise on what you ask for, its a double edge sword.


Its just like playing a video game, you finished your main quest and restart it in a different save file but the different in this game is that your last ending was a complete failure…

I was sitting on my throne gaze upon all the land and ocean i fought to claim its righteous, its not doubt that i am on the peak of my life but is it enough? As i all into my self, an idea came across in my mind where i wished for something out of my mind before the bore caught up me.

Together with the last glimpse of light that seems resonate my thought had devour everything including my conscious into a place where i started to feel the familiar breeze, calling, guiding  a new life to wake and live.

“King! King!….. are you alright?”

“Protect the King… … ”



Those voices… reminded my of someone but its a weird dream, i woke up in a grassy plain not knowing who nor any memory in this unknown land but a need to start my journey to fill up that void in within.

“Master… your wish?”

The hare and the tortoise behind the scene



“You did it”

“Thank you Hare…, if not because of you i still stay in my own world inside my comfort zone”

“You did something different today, you finish the race, your race”

“We all never meant to be everyone else but everything can be done by anyone”

“But i never fly like the bird so do you hare…”

“If the sky is not the limit, do you still envy those can fly?”