Conformity? Not A Chance!

If conformity is way to live in this reality, then fine by me , i will be your guest but you never got the real me cause i got my mask crafted just like James Bond or any other undercover just to have fun with you once in a while when i feel like to.

If a faker is all you wanted so be it as I will not and never interested to interfere this petty reality of yours. I intrigue to reason why you can be so calm and numb even this place is filled with rotten air and peoples are dying under your supremacy.

Oh! i get it, you have millions of worshiper that kiss up you for you figured a way for them to just kept them survive, not giving more nor less but just enough for them to know who to ask for foods when they hungry. An addiction to survive is what you selling but you know what, i am not buying that as soon i realized the power to create!

I have my own Eden, i create realities to live with and the best part is…

I’m not the only one, I’m not alone but don’t you ever have a slight thought to try us, as we can bring storm and thunder to wipe up your puny existence in a blink but rest assure we were just teased you, you cute reality.

“We are oozing in style”



No Title

I am tired… can i.. “No! there so much things i can and i have to do it before night end. If i only left with today to live i will give everything i got, while remembering that oath i made every single day but why can’t i keep it… Maybe i’m got used to it, its a lie after all, a fake propaganda to make me sounds cooler when i got chance to share this idea.

So be it…i shall gave in to one of the deadly sin- a sloth

But i couldn’t help to realize how my words being heard and liked by peoples, those are not miracle but a sign to tell me to keep doing it and improve. They understand the meaning in my words and once again i saved by thee from all the misery i cast upon my self…

Tiredness ? Nah.. A cold night shower shall fix it for a while, more importantly i got a whole world to serve, am a superman in my own style!


I betrayed those words that once give me passion to move on, now became a dump to throw away my negative feeling.

They let me to create story, one after another, even I have no audience but I felt much happier when I’m just alone with words form into a strings of sentence and turn pieces of my imagination to a story even I’m not fluent enough to communicate nor ever carve them into an epic adventure but just a slice of short story I create with them enough to touch my tears, I never felt as fulfilling and living compare to what I doing now.

I missed you, I yearn for the times we have so much fun together, meeting new friends with the same meaning, look you up on the dictionary to found out who you are because I’m scare to place you on the wrong places and people would laugh at you when they read. I remembered… that you taught me the definition of ‘limitless’, but is it enough?

I wanted more out of me but I gaining lesser each time I practice new skill, the same pencil I used to write you became so hard to hold, so distant… I can’t grasp properly, the lines are not listening to my heart like you…

I wanted to be heard so badly, I’m dried! I tried!

its hard… I struggled in the brink every time I pick up the pencil, how can something I so familiar and loved me became such stranger and uncomfortable to be with…

Who are you?


I was waiting beside the road, alone, carrying an umbrella for someone else; I thought it will be rain tomorrow so I could cover her under the rain. I hope it will rain like what I wished; the plot will be play like what I thought.

“No” don’t expect too much , don’t expect anything at all, we just meet once and just exchange name, you are just being alone for too long , that’s not love in first sight, this is just science’s trick played in your body, its plain biology and chemistry, its explainable … Please trample this feeling, buried it, never let it control you.

The rain had stopped, it’s hot and the sun is shine, the bus had arrived… what you have been waiting?

I will meet her for the second times, is she the one or just a passerby, a test? Is there really an unseen string that connect us, how should I grab it?

Wake up dream

“Wake up!, Wake up!”

Rise and shine already i believe… as so i have to get my eyes open, but first it need to do its job which is to blink and i having a hard time because its weight a night of dream.

“Never mind” i tell my self

I forgot it must always a plan B to begin with, i just have to pull my self together and begin the chant i sing ” arise! arise!” from the bed and “crawl! crawl” out from the warm shell of blanket. Surrounded by the soft and cuddly with the smell of wonderland enough to numb every sense, I’ve been melt into a primal species of every video games , a slime by all means! “Hit me with every might you can and I’ll just revive, again and again rinse and repeat”

“Okay, i will wake up, in just another moment, promise.”

After a ride of squishy bum my adventure as a slime come to an end as i slide my feet into a pair of slippers. “Tap, tap, tap” listening to the sound it made when i marched across breeze toward the enchanting forest, beside a tranquil lake i scoop a glass of water. “Gallop, gallop, gallop” i felt the stream of life breaking in every empty vessel, awaking its vessel and rise to the almighty king , embrace his highness as a new legend born.


Laid my self down, in front of the screen i lurk my gaze as it reflect me, together we held a momentary of silence before i notice my phone was beside me… i picked it up, swipe and slide my touch across its slippery, thin sheet of glass but beneath was another world it connect every mind into…

“Beep ! Beep ! Beep…!” In a sudden the phone shake it self off my palm and came to life. As it start causing havoc around my room, i witness a finishing blow it unleashed on me; a lightning spear strike right into my heart, the next second i caught nothing but a faint of beat sounded in within.

Upon realized the sorcery behind the shock,  i hurried jump out from my bed and stretch my hand as long as it can to grasp this witch craft, stopping it from causing another repetition of hazardous witchery.

It was 5:30am, just another i got used to kick start a day. With peace come to mind , i answer the call of nature and yawn my way to the toilet as fragment of dreams surge alongside.

I wish everyone a GOOD MORNING ^_^


Magical Kingdom

Once there’s was a lone kingdom situated in some where deep inside a horizon, the king rules nothing but deserted isle surrounds with huge wall, never a chime has reach here nor any emotion ever sparks.

Its just another day of waiting for the righteous being to set their touch on the other side of wall but a hope which it can’t be seen through one bare sight even it was not too far beyond one reach in fact this kingdom was within one grasp ever since life called upon.

There’s said that  everyone who live in the kingdom can be grant with any wishes with the correct spell one speaks, its was an appreciation for those found this place as they bring life to the plain. This is a place where one’s dream can be seen, one desire can be touch, every fantasy come to life through one’s dare to chant the magical spells.

“Your wish is my command”

If you ever felt to leave this kingdom, everything must be leave behind as the truth has knocked the door on the other side of the wall.leaving one to realize the key to the magical kingdom was laying beneath one palm, on the plain paper.

“Never meant to be a thing but just an act to fill one void within”



“起床啦~” 虽然已经恢复知觉但我还想闭上眼睛,享受着被她呼唤的声音一边沉浴在从她身上散发的体香。。。 她有洗澡吗?在上一回的世界里她好像是。。。


“哦?被发现了。”  刚想张开眼睛就。。。“啪”

“哎!痛!” 我连忙敲醒还在他乡的魂魄,竖起身子面对着她。

“嗡。。。嗡。。。耳里还不断回响起刚刚被狠狠得盖上了一记。。。 嗯。。。。对了!

“喂! 我说,好歹我也是你的主人,你就不能稍微对创造出你的人好些吗?!”

“粗鲁!暴力女,好伤心。。。。为什么,为什么我的幻想会是这么一个女人。 我的灵感女神。。。破灭了”

“尽管埋怨吧!哈!哈!哈!哈! ,不过。。。搞清楚是谁有求于我,是谁脑袋空空是哭着那个包脸请我帮他。”